Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back to Bracelets

It's been a busy week as far as what we've been doing...we took a dolphin tour on a speedboat which was a wonderful experience! We've been busy doing a lot of different, piddly little things...We're waiting around in Sarasota for awhile longer before heading out. The weather in the rest of the midwest and east coast looks bad, there are fires in Colorado where we WERE going to go, we're just not sure where we want to travel to next. Might as well stay put for a little while longer.

Relay for Life in Indiana happens this coming Saturday, and I got a couple more orders for the Breast Cancer Awareness pink bracelets...

Got a black beaded one done to put on my Etsy shop, JeanBeanGifts, with some black and silver beads, but I think it needs a little more "sparkle"! So I will make another one soon with a little more "bling". 

I found some patterns for crocheted things I really really like...These patterns are from a gal on Etsy. Her shop is Aterg Crochet. I just LOVE her colors!
Her patterns are about 3.75 each...I love these owls!
She also has the items already made up if you don't crochet....So I bought a bunch of her patterns and some fingering weight/sport weight yarn in a lot of different colors. 

The designer uses Catania 100% cotton yarn. I've got some of that, but I think Paton's "Grace" will work well, too. That is a little easier to find in stores.....I'd better get busy!