Monday, May 26, 2014

Way Behind, But I'm Gonna Catch Up!

Haven't made much lately….too busy substitute teaching and having fun with small children! My favorite grades are K-3, but the kindergartners are exhausting! I can truly say I love going to school most days at the one school that calls me all the time…I get so much love every time I go there from the kids….Lots and lots of hugs!

One day last week, I was a "floater", which means that I go spend about a half hour to an hour in a classroom across the grades, while the teacher goes to a conference. I stepped into a fifth grade classroom, and I saw a familiar face from a student who had been at another school in a different county where I subbed months before. He grinned at me, and said, "I remember you. You subbed over at ___________ school." I remembered him…He was pointed out in the sub notes to be the most ornery kid. That day the teacher said to  expect a lot of trouble from him. Some minor things did pop up, but I'm used to ornery kids having taught special ed for 34 years, so I hung in there with him, and we made it through the day. I'm a firm believer in proving a teacher wrong who says I'm going to have the worst day with a certain kid. It's my secret challenge to be able to say in my notes at the end of the day, "I didn't have a bit of trouble with that one." I gave him a hug and said I was glad to see him at my favorite school, and told him to have a good rest of the year, that he was in a great school.

Two weeks later, I'm in the lunchroom, leading a kindergarten class out of the lunchroom, and he comes up and gives me another unexpected big hug, he came from out of nowhere. I love that….I love walking through the lunchroom and little ones say shyly, "I remember you. You were our sub. Do you remember me?" Sometimes I do, and sometimes I have to say, "I have so many students, it's hard to remember your name. But tell me yours and test me the next time you see me!"  I've been called "Mrs. Sparkles", "Mrs. Sprinkles", and "Mr. Parks", but I don't correct them, I answer to all of those. I get so many hugs every time I sub at my favorite school, I'm filled with love for the next few days. For the record, my name is Jeannie Sparks, a.k.a. "Sparky".

What am I working on? More people pins…..A lady ordered THIRTY of them from me on Etsy…(  Got them all done in a variety of colored wires, beads, and body styles. Made them in all colors of the rainbow--purple, blue, lavender, metallic colors and different kinds of hairstyles.

Then I decided to try making memory wire bracelets, so here is my first one. It was fun to make. Got lots more ideas for these, so I'm gonna make a lot more.
School is out in seven days….I'm gonna miss those little guys and girls…But I'll be busy making lots of stuff this summer, trying to put new things in my shop and get into some craft shows this winter…..