Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just Call Me the Knitting Fiend

made from sock yarn and a Red Heart pattern
Working on little mini purse key rings in addition to my knitted eggs. I hope to put these things out at a rally where I'm going to be selling Tastefully Simple. The rally is in Yuma, Arizona, the first week in March. I would really like to be able to make a little "pin" money, as my mom used to call that we could use while on the road traveling full time. I'm not ready to venture back into the school systems to sub just yet, and besides, we are moving around the country too much for me to be able to do that. So I decided to work on knit items, as I am really enjoying that craft right now!

I'm thinking about knitting covers for e-readers, such as the Nook, or the Kindle...then felting them and embroidering them but not sure how much to allow for shrinkage. I'll have to do a little research to see how much bigger to make something before it shrinks down. I'd hate to knit an entire cover, then have it turn out too small after felting! I want to make something useful, not just some knitknack.

cell phone cover
Also working on cell phone covers and maybe mp3 player or camera covers. Hope anybody reading might express an opinion. I'm wide open on how these things are coming across, improvements or suggestions or if someone thinks I could sell them.  Here's my first cell phone cover on the right. It has a velcro fastener under the button for easier removal if the phone rings.

One of the goals of my craft blog is to get better at taking photos of whatever I make, and just photography in general. Lots of great sites out there on the web to work on my skills, so I will be posting photos taken with my little Panasonic Lumix until I can get a better camera to work with to elevate my skills.

I plan on posting photos of things that capture my interest while we are traveling. Although I publish a travel blog ( I don't put all my photos on the travel blog. Sometimes the littlest things capture my unusual mushroom, a great meal beautifully presented, something where the natural light makes something look extra special, things like that...I really love nature....and making things with my hands....thank for stopping by....   Jeannie and Lyle (my sister)

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