Monday, March 26, 2012

Visiting With My Daughter

Not much happening with crafts this week...My daughter flew into Tampa, to visit us through the weekend. It's really great to see her, so we are busy catching up on everything....I gifted my socks I was going to keep for myself to her, and decided to order some more of the same yarn to make another pair....She had cold feet while staying at the house, and so I decided that's a great excuse to give her some socks made with love....and a few grains of  sand from the Florida Keys, where I knitted most of these blue socks....I call these my "Oceanic" socks....

Now I'm making another pair of socks for myself in a totally different color....IF I don't give them away after I get done with them...This sock yarn is Pagewood Farms Hand Dyed Sock Yarn..called "Yukon" in the "Maple Leaf" colorway...I LOVE the earthen colors in it....The feel of it is wonderful....70% Merino Superwash / 20% bamboo / 10% nylon....With so little nylon, I'll have to be careful when I get to the cuff as far as a good clingy rib is concerned, I would guess....This yarn feels so wonderful working with it, I think I will keep them! I only have about 20 skeins of sock yarn in my stash still to be used!
Pagewood Farms "Maple Leaf" colorway

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  1. LOL Both of my grown daughters STEAL my socks! As soon as I have a finished pair setting somewhere and if they come over ---- well --- it's fair game! I find their crumbled up stinky stiff cotton/poly blend sport socks in a ball under the couch. Out the door they dance with soft woolen lovely creations on their feet!

    What is a sockknitting mother to do???

    Karen and Steve
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