Monday, December 31, 2012

A Lovely Holiday....

It's been a busy week preparing for my family, who came down to Sarasota for the holidays....Everything went really, really well and the kids were thrilled with their little mini trees....
I'm gonna miss knitting and crocheting these little mini ornaments....I'll have to think of something mini to make for Valentines Day. There's a craft bazaar here at Sun 'n' Fun once a month. I don't have enough inventory of anything non-Christmas, so I'm going to start getting really working on some things that are quick and fast for February, IF we stay another month.

But Kerry has plans for this crafty grandma...She thought of a "Busy Book" or a "Quiet Book" --for my little grandson...and I love this idea. When my girls were little, I made an ABC busy book. I don't think it was a pattern, I think I checked the book out of the library. It was a wonderful fabric book made from vinyl, fabric, snaps, and lots of cool things to play with that lasted a long, long time. To this day, my youngest daughter says she remembers playing with the pages for hours, even after she started school. 

Some of the few pages we collaboratively remember are:
"B"--banana--the peel was velcroed to pull up and down,
"I"--igloo...a felt igloo with pieces that snapped into place like a puzzle...
"J"--jack in the box, an elastic loop opened and "Jack" was inside,
"K"--kite--kite string, tie loops on the kite string
"N"--nest...something to do with the eggs in the nest
"S"--sneaker--practice tying the laces.
"U"--ukelele--pluck the elastic strings--that was a nightmare to try and get the elastic tight enough so it would pluck and not pull out when you tugged on it,
"X"--X ray--a skeleton you had to assemble and snap together

Wish I could remember more to recreate a modern book...But we found a "Winter" quiet book on Etsy and I'm going to make it for my little grandson.....

But AFTER I rest and relax from a very hectic week of having all our families! See you later!

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