Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baskets and Bracelets

Every week it seems I'm on a different bend as far as making something...There's a craft show the first Saturday here in the RV park in March, and I want to have lots of different types of things to put out there just to see if anything in particular captures the discriminating buyer's eye. So this week, it's safety pin bracelets among other things....A fun, cheery beachy colored bracelet made from size 1safety pins (1 1/16"), elastic cord, a couple of silvertone barrel beads and four 6 mm silver toned plain beads. The size 1 pins make the bracelet a little on the wide side for me, about 1", so I made a second one with smaller pins....
This rose colored beaded bracelet is made from size 0 safety pins and the same elastic cord, barrel beads and silver beads. That makes the width about 7/8" wide, a little more to my liking. We will see if these go or not...Not sure how much to sell them for.....If anybody has seen them at a craft show, I'd love to know what the asking price was!
My worry is that the safety pin head might come loose on a pin some time....Some people suggest squeezing the head of each pin after it's been threaded on the elastic. I tried that, and the heads don't lie as nicely on the rose bracelet as they do on the beachy one, and that's probably because I didn't squeeze the pin heads on the first one. I didn't know that was suggested! I think someone else suggested dipping the heads of the pins in some kind of glue, before stringing them. Not sure what kind of glue, but I'll have to look into that......

Time to make some matching safety pin earrings....Here they are....
Here's my attempt to make a more "artistic" photo of a bracelet...I draped it over a wall plaque in the motorhome which happened to have a 3D leaf on it. :-)
I like looking at items people are selling on Etsy and seeing how they display them...especially the jewelry....They use flowers along side of the bracelet, or drape it over a tree branch, I think I will experiment a bit and see how I can improve my photos....Until next time....


  1. I like the bracelets....especially the colors in the " beachy" one.

    1. Thanks, Gay! I'm just curious, I"m making several of these for the craft show. Do you have a suggestion as to how much would be a reasonable price for a bracelet like this?