Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pretty Boy Floyd

Got an order for three owls this week….I had two done, so for my third one, I decided to go with a yarn called "Amazing" by Lion Brand in the color of Mauna Loa…He/she is a Hawaiian owl! But then the name "Pretty Boy Floyd" just popped out at me, so that's the name I'm going to give him when I put another one just like him in my Etsy store…..
Here's another one I just finished…He's called "Woodsie"….I just think "forest" when I see him…He's made from another color way in that same "Amazing" yarn. It's a wool/acrylic yarn that is very soft. I probably should think about making some without buttons so they could be for little kids. These are more for older children and adults who might collect all things "owlie"….I'm trying to figure out how to add wire feet to a knit sculpture but haven't quite figured that one out yet.

Picasso red Tila beads
That's one thing I am not very good at is giving names to my projects..I think it helps to have catchy names for things you make….I like kitschy names anyway…Like "steampunk". Where did that name come? It came from references to things industrial looking, with lots of metal, and other cool stuff. Think brass, copper, etchings, glass, leather, gears, polished wood, and other types of metal and think of it as a cross between the vintage industrial steam engine age and a grungy look….So here's a headband I made this week that falls sort of in the category of the steampunk style because of the leather, metal, and tile beads. These beads are gorgeous! They are Japanese Tila beads and in the Picasso style, which means mottled color throughout the tiny bead, which is a dual hole bead. They aren't cheap! And they are tiny little suckers, 5 mm X 5 mm. The headband is made with leather, a purchased elastic headband, the beads and special beading thread. Hope to sell some in my little Etsy store.
It looks much better on, but I had to wait for my daughter to come for a visit to model it. She's got much more hair than I do!

Crocheted a wire beaded bracelet to sell at a craft show….
Making cowls…ended up giving this one to my daughter…It's chilly here in Bradenton right now…But I'm LOVIN' it!

And that's the latest from Jeannie's (a.k.a. "Sparky") crafty genes…..Happy fall, y'all!