Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pouchy Bags

I kinda like the idea of a "pouchy" bag with drawstrings...put whatever you want in it...this one will hold a compact camera and whatever else is about that rectangle size. I decided to line it...there's something peaceful and soothing about hand sewing to me. I kind of get in the Zen mode while stitching with a needle and thread. Then I had fun finding a piece of fabric to "POP" or peek from inside the pouch that was color coordinating with the pouch. This drawstring orange bag has an orange tie dye batik type print lining. I'm going to call this pouch my Arizona bag. It makes me think of Arizona sunsets. They are spectacular just about every night...

Time to move onto the cell phone pouches. After enjoying how my drawstring bag turned out, I thought why not line the cell phone cozies as well!?

Here is one ready to have the lining sewn...and then here they are finished. I think the more different the lining is from the outside, the more interesting it is, as long as the colors are complementing each other....I'm not sure I like the pointy flap, may try knitting some with simple fold over flaps...What do you think?
one of the cell phone lining cozies

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