Monday, April 16, 2012

Documenting Your Life

I'm heading in a different direction this week....towards photography and digital scrapbooking. I've been looking at the magazine Artful Blogging again..every once in awhile, I pick up this gorgeous magazine and aspire to greater things with Millie's Girls..more artsy stuff. It appeals so strongly to my visual senses, that I wish I could be more like that with this once in awhile, I'm gonna try! One of the points of the magazine is that you find the courage to speak from the heart and write about what you are most passionate...for me, that's nature, crafts, and photography, not in any certain order. I am VERY passionate about those things! I think the travel blog, Where's Eldo? captures the nature and photography that I love so much, but only part of my voice is there...

I think "Millie's Girls" is reflecting the other side of me, the crafts side, but it still is missing my "voice"...who I am and more of the inner me...My sister, Lyle, has sort of bowed out of this blog for the time being, she is so busy with her volunteer work, and looking perhaps to be a little more involved with the medical clinic she helps run, that she doesn't have time to put her wonderful creative talents to work into "Mille's Girls". But she's still here, behind the scenes and we'll hear from her now and then....

I've been looking for inspiration to change my writing a bit, to make it a little more personal, and this week I ran across some ideas for documenting your life. I started with Designer Digitals website and branched off from there. I ended up with a "lifelist"-- a simple list that gives you a snapshot into what you are feeling, seeing, eating, thinking, etc. at a certain moment in your life. This happened to be a particular list I saw somewhere but can't remember where. Here's the list and my entries:
     listening: James Taylor "Covers"
     eating: Carraba's mezzaluna--little pillows of half moon pasta filled with chicken, spinach and cheese
     drinking: Coke-always! regular, plain Coke, fountain Coke is even better!
     wearing: shorts and a Columbia tee shirt--almost a daily wardrobe staple
     feeling: a little worried about Eldy's cough, going on 3 weeks
     weather: too hot! It's in the high 80's in April in central Florida where we are
     needing: to get more exercise!
     wanting: to be a better photographer
     thinking: how lucky I am to have Eldy and to be traveling full time in a motorhome
     enjoying: the freedom that retirement brings each day, the changing scenery, the new experiences traveling brings
     wondering: if the skin cancer check on Tuesday will warrant any worries

This would be a great way to digital scrap a day in your life, or a week, or something like all I need are some photos!

Here's one I just love, this dog wears sunglasses every time I've seen him or her, which is several days in a row now......


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