Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Digital Layout...Practicing Opacity

This is my daughter, Kerry, with her little son, on about the second day home from the hospital. The photo is not a good one, so I thought I would use the opacity feature to dim it in the background, placing it behind the photo mask. I didn't know how much to dim it! But I think it looks ok.....What do you think? I'm also thinking that the shade of digital paper should have perhaps been recolored to match Kerry's shirt a little more closely? I could spend lots of time doing and redoing these layouts, I tend to fixate too much on is it perfect or not? Should I redo it or not? But sometimes I analyze till I'm paralyzed and then get too discouraged to enjoy the process and that's not good!

I forget almost every time to make a note of the digital paper at the time I am making these, it's so fun to jump in and get going. So I don't remember the designer name of this paper. I have so many digital paper files,  buried somewhere, so I will have to do a better job next time of giving credit for the designer. The template is a Katie Pertiet one, called "family memories" purchased from the Designer Digitals website. I've sure been giving them a lot of business lately! :-) Her templates are amazing! The only digital files I put on this layout were 1) a photo, and 2) the digital paper. You can change the other elements if you want to, because of the layers in Photoshop Elements (version 8) I just liked the ease and quickness of using her template as is.

I did another layout which I'm happy with...
This is another Katie Pertiet  template...Stamped and Framed Layered Template No. 21. This definitely makes my heart happy when I look at my little grandson and his cute little smile, that's for sure.  Until next time....

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  1. I really like both of those pages. Barron is so cute, this is a great way to "play" with him. You can enjoy his darling face without being right there with him.

    Looking at your pages reminds me of how much fun I used to have working with the images I have. :)