Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Photos to Take Right Now

This is assignment #3 from the Big Picture classes is to take a photo of your favorite fruit. I skipped it and went straight to #4 last week. Oh, well! Had to get some fruit first in order to be able to do assignment #3!

Strawberries are my absolute favorite summer fruit...I like 'em plain, just straight from the container. I don't put whipped cream on them, only sometimes, when I have a little angel food cake or those little sponge cakes you put the berries on. THEN I will add a little whipped cream. And it's gotta be whipped cream, not Cool Whip! I'm a little picky when it comes to my food.

When my girls were little, we used to be able to go to "U-Pick" farm fields outside of South Bend, IN and we'd pick and eat, eat and pick those wonderfully tasting strawberries, they were SO sweet! Is it just my imagination now, or are the berries not so great tasting? The fields are gone now, we just have our memories. Did I take any pictures? No...I wish I had...Documenting your life is so different now, with everything digital. I didn't have time to stop and take photos with a film to be developed camera. I do wish I had....

When we were in California last year, there was a field of strawberries outside the town of LaQuinta, CA. The berries were picked daily right there at the field. They were the VERY best tasting strawberries I have ever eaten, even since the ones we had when the girls were little! Traveling full time make it a lot easier to try local, fresh food. What a difference in taste as opposed to buying it in grocery stores!

Now we are in Maine, and it's tiny WILD blueberries as opposed to the hybrid large berries you find in the grocery. That's probably my second favorite fruit, now that I've tried Maine's WILD blueberries. The taste is a little milder, but they seem to be sweeter. They are just wonderful, tiny little berries! Fantastic antioxidant properties, I hear. Seeing the wild blueberries in Maine always makes me think of a favorite childhood story, Blueberries for Sal....What's wonderful about traveling full time, is we have been in Maine for five weeks, and the author's daughter was giving a talk about her father, who wrote this book and many others, about her family growing up in Maine. She was presenting the talk not too far from us. Unfortunately, things didn't work out to where I could go see her.
But it's just great to see these personal connections in your travels and to take the opportunity to make the connections, if you can.....We'll see what next week brings as far as photo ideas might be....

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