Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time to Get Focused

I decided to take a look at Big Picture Classes for some inspiration to get me going in a photography  direction, since it seems I'm happiest when I'm behind a camera, and doing something with my pictures.  They have free online classes, so I signed up for a couple, and signed up for a couple of inexpensive ones, too. That ought to keep  me busy for awhile, and not dwelling on some very sad news I received this week.

Big Picture Classes has self-guided classes as well as classes with a defined starting and completion date. That means STRUCTURE, and since I'm retired, I chafe a little at anybody telling me I have to be somewhere, someplace at a certain time or heaven forbid, perform activities every day in a routine. I've gotten to be even MORE independent and willy-nilly about what I do every day being a full time traveler in a motorhome. I LOVE it!

I signed up for the free class "Ten Summer Photos to Take Right Now"...and it's fun! You get a pdf. guide with your class, email access to the teacher, and you can start or stop at any time. The other workshops offered by Big Pictures are more structured with more help, gallery boards to post your projects and all kinds of extras. The cost, depending on the class, ranges anywhere from 5.00 to 99.00.

So I started the class today...Assignment #1...."Take a photo of your favorite summer accessory." Boy, that's a hard one...a bike is not an accessory, is it? But maybe it is, it's an important part of's an extension of myself.

I love my Trek Navigator 3.0 bike. It's what they call a "comfort bike." That's sort of a nice term for a little old lady bike. That's not me! It is designed for easy short rides around town or for biking on well paved trails a few times a year. It's got fat, knobby tires and totally upright handlebars. The bike is on the heavy side, and the rolling resistance is tougher than if I had different tires, a lighter frame, a different style bike. I bike everywhere we travel, and seek out the rails-to-trails paths. I've put hundreds of miles on it, and it's time for new tires or maybe even time to explore buying an upgrade, since I bike so much. I'M NOT AN OLD LADY! Well, not quite yet....Hybrid, here we come?

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