Monday, January 14, 2013

Been Busy Making A Busy Board

I've been busy trying to think of things to put on a busy board for my little grandson. Got a bunch of things at Lowe's and had some stuff lying around the house, and bought one little toy. Everything is screwed down, which I'm not sure is the best solution, but I didn't want to use glues. As with anything homemade, he'll need supervision when he plays with this, but I think everything on it will be ok.

I used a toilet paper holder, a piece of PVC pipe and striped it with red electrical tape, a rubber coated door stop, a small bolt and latch, a handle for him to grab, a toggle switch to turn off and on, a little caster to spin, two pieces of loopy velcro (I did glue these with gorilla glue) for tactile senses, a spring that squishes just a little when you push on it, a rubbery soap dish with little rubber "feet" for another tactile feeling, a zipper, and a bunch of clackety key rings from a baby toy along with a couple of hardware store clips. The rings and clips are on a bolt with washers at the ends and a securely fastened nut.  I was looking for a battery operated little closet light but never found one. I have seen other busy boards with stretchy elastic knotted cord for a baby to pull and stretch, but thought I had enough stuff on this one.

I'm sure a commercial version of this would not have anything sticking up like a switch or the door stop, but if the parents put this flat on a coffee table, and he's not a climber, (yet!) I think it will be fine....
If anybody thinks of anything dangerous that I haven't thought of please let me know!

My second project of the week has been baby bibs.....This is the first one in a series that I am making...It's for crabby babies who can't wait to be fed, ha ha! If I can keep going at them, I'll make several of them-- maybe a lion, a frog, an alligator, a monkey, an elephant, a cow, a rhino, or one for each day of the week! The pattern is from the Little Quilt Company, "Baby Bibs 2". You can make your own bibs from the pattern, but I just used purchased bibs in all kinds of colors from Babies 'R' Us.
That made me think of a memory I have from childhood. I remember my mother buying me underwear that had each day of the week embroidered in fancy lettering. Have no idea how that segued from bibs into days of the week underwear but then again, yes, I do!  :-) I remember liking them and thinking that was kind of cool, to have special underpants with the days of the week in script  on them. Wonder how old I was? Probably just a little girl......

Until next time......

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  1. Great job on the busy board! There are lots of things to do and should give him lots of "touchy" things. Babies love that.

    I remember those underpants, too. I'll bet they still have them.

    I just got some crocheting needles and a book/dvd and some yarn. I want to start doing something like that, and the woman at Michael's said crocheting is easier to self teach than knitting. I'm going to try to do a scarf first. Probably after my family visits are done and I'm back in the desert. You are motivating me! :)