Monday, May 6, 2013

Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets

I'm on a bracelet kick....After making a BUNCH of breast cancer people pins, I decided to make a bracelet. Not everybody is a pin fan, myself included. It's a simple bracelet, four strands of single chain crochet wire strings, braided together when done. I'm not sure how to finesse the closure a little better. I twisted and wrapped the four stands of wire and simply passed them through a little magnetic closure, then tucked the wire ends back into the crocheted lacy part of the bracelet end. 

I would love for someone to show me a better way of finishing the wire ends, but haven't run into any jewelry makers lately to get some advice!

I finished my tila bead bracelet from my class last week...Here's how it looks...I really like the colors together. It's kinda plain, but looks prettier on a wrist. The next bracelet which I've started is going to be quite different.

The bracelet I'm working on now is with black leather cord, and three different colors of the Miyuki tila beads....Matte silver, cream, and shiny black tiles. The tila beads are expensive! :-(   I picked a "steampunk" style shank button as the shiny black and silver metallic tiles spoke to me in that way....Sort of an industrial look, you'd say....

One thing about making the leather wrapped bracelets...It's not as easy as it looks! There are quite a few different ways of starting the wrapping, of how to do the closures, and what thread to use for your wrapping. So far I am trying to learn to work with longer lengths of Fireline, without having to tie in new strands before finishing the bracelet. I've ordered some C-lon beading thread and am going to try that next.

I see another collection of craft materials starting in my future....little bobbins of C-lon...They are like fabric! So pretty and colorful!

Guess I'd better get busy and get some more things done.....


  1. Your bracelets are so perfect. Just beautiful! I like those button closures, especially the "industrial" one. :)

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