Thursday, August 29, 2013

Photography Ideas....

I've seen this a couple of places lately....taking pictures of your feet in different locations as a way to document what's going on in your life at the moment, or where you are spending your summer vacation, holiday vacation, or full timing in an RV as some of our friends are doing...I wish I had thought of this three years ago! It would have been fun to document the different pairs of shoes or lack of foot adornment we happened to be wearing on our travels---Tevas, hiking shoes, hiking boots,  and bare feet.

I've decided to still do that I'm being more domestic, or at least trying to, (the inner me is screaming in protest :-) I can at least take photos of my feet in different places in Florida, if I can only remember to do that!

This week we haven't traveled around much in the city....other than to visit a couple of estate sales, where I got this cool wooden motorcycle to try and sell on Ebay....I used to have great success in picking up unique items and turning around and selling them for a little or a lot more than what I paid for them. I might have lost my touch. Picked up a Hallmark Barbie doll ornament, first one in the serious, 1959 Barbie, with original packaging, got all excited, and Eldy says, "If there was anything of value, I'm sure the sales people would have researched that already with their tablets, iPhones, whatever." Yep, they did. I paid 3.00 for my ornament, checked the phone on the way home in the car on my mobile Ebay app, (should have done that at the sale discreetly before I picked it up) and nobody wants those ornaments for 3.00 on Ebay either! The ornament was actually made in the 1990's, but I still thought it was cool! I'll just save it for my holiday tree this season.  I think I have been watching too many shows and reading too many magazines about how SOME people are making quite a bit of money selling on ebay from buying stuff at garage sales and estate sales.'s my first foot photo shoot for fun...(say THAT ten times really fast!) I'm sure most people aren't enamored enough with their feet to take photos of their tootsies, but it's a unique way to show another angle (haha) of what you are doing with your life each day....Here's a hint of what I did today...
It's actually not a very good hint. I'm on a step stool, priming the walls of the bathroom! I think it would be really fun to see where everybody's feet are on a certain day in time...We should have a Foot Foto Fun Day on Facebook! Show where you stand today! Or tomorrow....Or next week....

Time to get back to work.....One last foot photo for today....My OTHER home improvement job that is going slowly but well....Cleaning the grout and tile....I should hire myself out! Showing up with a little toothbrush with bottles of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and that's it, probably wouldn't go over too well.
I found a little gadget on sale at Target for 12.99. It's a Rubbermaid "Reveal" giant battery powered toothbrush especially for cleaning tile and grout. EUREKA! That will shorten up my time on the floor. Or not....Bought it, tried it, and really, the small, regular old toothbrush works better. But I can still use it for gritty, dirty little jobs around faucets, and other little scrub situations. The more cleaning gadgets, the better I say! But I think I will steer clear of some of those infomercials on TV. Saw one the other day for the H 2 0 steam mop. They had all kinds of little gadgets that came with it, and it appeared to do a remarkable job on anything and everything they tried it on. Of COURSE it did! Bought one at Best Buy, and the off/on knob broke off the first time I tried it. Luckily, I was able to return it to Best Buy with the 14 day trial period and get my money back. Whew! Got a Sharp steam mop instead, and have tried all the different attachments and really feel, that although steam is the best sanitizer and cleaner going and chemical free, those steam mops push dirt around and don't really pick it up. Sometimes, the old fashioned ways work best. Went out and got a fancy sponge mop instead.

I like gimmicky things, and I really don't mind cleaning as long as I have an arsenal of supplies to work with....  :-) Better get back at that tile...Got about half the great room floor done, and 1/2 of the master bath done......


  1. Once you get that house all painted and cleaned, you gonna need to buy another house to keep busy.

  2. I've been trying to incorporate Mr. Gnome in our travel pictures. Sort of got out of the habit, I will definitely do that from now on :) Good idea!

  3. Love the feet idea. Your tile work looks fabulous! Sparky the Domestic Diva, who would have thought it???