Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Places I'd Like to See....

I'm starting a list...Places I'd like to see if we ever get back out on the road. It's been quite an adjustment, coming off the road after three years, staying in one spot and owning a home again. We did get used to staying in one place, but "hitch itch" always set in after a couple to three weeks. And then, when we hit Sarasota, FL, and didn't want to leave after four months, we bought a house, not realizing that the heat and the relentless humidity for months at a time in the summer, might make us wish we could escape for awhile....Not possible at the moment, and not affordable, so I am going to DREAM about places I'd like to head out and see in the future....(photos today are courtesy of the internet)

Roxi, of The Good Luck Duck blog, wrote about one such place...a chapel in New Mexico--the Loretto Chapel with an amazing staircase built with no nails. 

Not that I'd want to visit New Mexico in the summer, no, siree....But it would be on my bucket list of places to visit. Here's another cool chapel--the Thorncrown Chapel in the woods near the Ozarks in Arkansas. I keep going back to the website just to see the beautiful photos of it! Here it is at dusk....

I'd like to go to southern Utah and visit the places we missed the two times we were there...Some of the geological rock formations are among the most amazing sights in the U.S., like the "Wave" formations in Utah and Arizona. We went to Zion, but missed Bryce Canyon.
Gee, I keep picking HOT places....But we could always go in the fall, or early spring. I'd like to go to Alaska to see more bears and moose....But gosh, they've had record numbers of days of temps in the eighties in Fairbanks, AL this summer, of all places! 

Mike Wendland, the journalist of Roadtrek.com, whetted my appetite and interest for the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado. It's not for class A motorhomes to head to, at least not where he was, but it would be a great location for a class C! Here's a link to his great post on this destination..Black Canyon....

I'd love to do more whale watching on both sides of the coast. I NEVER get tired of seeing the whales....
I know there are a lot more places in the U.S. that are really really interesting, and not your usual touristy spots to visit. I'm going to keep adding to my travel bucket list by continuing to read the great RVing blogs that are out there, that were and still are my favorite kind of reading to do every day besides my craft blogs. They are full of great ideas of cool places and things to see. And I'll keep dreamin' about traveling once again. And hiking.....and biking the Rails to Trails.....

I'll keep hoping that we can get back out on the road one of these days in a smaller rig and see a few more places that are cooler (in more ways than one!) to avoid some of the Florida summer heat and humidity that lasts for months. It won't be till October, they say, until it cools down to temps in the 70's and 80's.

Where would you like to go that you haven't been?


  1. I know what you mean about the Florida heat and humidity. It seems to bother me more this summer than it used to, but then again, I think this summers is hotter than normal.

    We're in Georgia now, heading for the mountains where it is at least 10 degrees cooler....can't wait to get there!

    Have you considered buying a small cabin somewhere in a cooler location? That might be a cheaper option for consideration.

  2. So many neat places to see, we will just continue to wander around, running into fun stuff.

  3. Pacific Northwest is the big one on my list that I haven't seen. AND I have to figure out a way to afford to spend an entire summer in the Canadian Maritimes.

  4. We have just begun! I am looking to Florida this winter, which is funny, as I have never, I mean NEVER wanted to go to Florida. Reading blogs of all of you who have spent lots of winters there keeps me inspired!