Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Just Sticks and Strings

Got a hot streak going....started making my little mini sweaters and then decided to tackle a mini sock. It took me an entire day of trying to find a pattern that I thought I could do and then to knit it up. There were lots of them out there, but some had a type of heel I didn't know how to do--wrap and turn. I watched quite a few Youtube videos on how to do those kind of heels, but had all kinds of trouble trying to do them on a little sock with so few stitches. I'd start another pattern, and run into problems with double pointed needles, which I hadn't worked with. I bet I started at least five times and ended up ripping it out five times. You almost need DPN's to do tiny little things like this, unless you use another method called "Magic Loop."

I didn't have the right needles to do the Magic Loop, so I kept telling myself, "Jeannie, these are just sticks and string, you can do this!" I ended up starting the mini sock with two circulars using some leftover Red Heart and Sole sock yarn, then switched over to double points, managed to get them under control, figured out how to pick up the heel stitches and finally turned out a little bitty three inch sock!

And here I am, a total of three little socks later...more ornaments for a mini Christmas tree! I'm gonna decorate a little tabletop Christmas tree at the little craft show and tell at the rally this coming week. I think it will look great! Might even make a few more mini knitted ornaments of another kind for the tree....Actually, I crocheted a little mini taco with catnip in it! I sewed a little pouch to put inside the taco, as I thought just putting some catnip straight into the taco, then sewing it shut might invite a little debris disaster if a cat played with it. The catnip might come out through the little crochet holes. I tested the kitty taco toy on a friend, Jan White. She didn't care for it much, lol. Neither did Mister, her cat. We think the catnip was too encased in fabric to get the aroma out to her cat. Phooey! Back to the drawing board or might just forget that one! It's kinda cute, though!

Wait, there's more! Crocheted a camera lens sock---not too happy with the type of yarn I used, even though the pattern recommended worsted...sometimes I get a yarn, think I know what I want to use it for, then when I work with it, or make it into something, it just doesn't quite turn out the way I hoped! It's a sturdy cover, and will do the job, but I wish it was a cooler color of yarn!
Time to go...craft show and sale is tomorrow afternoon...we'll see what might be a seller--dishcloths, knitted eggs, mini sweaters, mini socks, fabric jump drive holders, and a variety of knitted keychain holders and mini bags for storing things.....

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