Sunday, December 4, 2011

What'll It Be This Week?

Finished my "cosmopolitan" baby booties...what a nightmare! The first one I blithely knitted along, doing purl 1 increases (m1P)  incorrectly. I had some holes where there shouldn't have been holes. So-o-o-o, on the second bootie, I googled and youtubed pearl increases and started fresh. Messed up the stitch count several times, ripped out and started over several to the instep and somehow, I thought there was a mistake on which side I was supposed to be starting the instep. I began the instep row one row too early. Got halfway done on the instep, realized my mistake, and ripped the entire bootie out and started over. Seventh time, got to the instep again, made the SAME darn mistake AGAIN on the instep, not remembering I thought I knew better than the pattern writer! Ripped out the bootie and started completely over for the eighth time! I was bound and determined to get this second bootie done. Mission accomplished! I didn't give up, I perservered, I know now how to do M1P's and I'll never do this particular pattern again! Yes, I's too cute in sock yarn not to do it again. BUT---you have to seam it up the back, so I may try to find a pattern with no seams on circular needles instead....I've seen seamless ones on DPN's but really get confused on the heels with those and picking up stitches.

Ta-da! Whew! That's enough for now....

Time to switch gears....How about a little mini martial arts dobok uniform ornament? It's about 4" tall...

I made it for Eldy's granddaughter to hang on the family Christmas tree....It was very easy to do on two circulars....the neckline is single crochet after you finish knitting it. The tie belt is an i-cord, the directions had a single crochet chain but I thought an i-cord might look better. I found the free pattern on the internet, of course!

We are in Naples now....time to get out and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous scenery of the city and the beautiful weather. Home just got socked in with 8 inches of snow, but it's an early snow and it won't last in Indiana very long! I miss it, though....Until next time.....When I decorate my little four foot Christmas tree!

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