Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winding Paths

I saw something online the other day, a gadget for winding balls of yarn by hand...not a ball winder or a swift, but a nostepinne. It's a beautiful piece of wood turned on a lathe, and it's used to help you wind a better center pull ball of yarn by hand. Sort of a cross between hand winding a center pull skein using a couple of your fingers, and the swifts and ball winders that make the chore a little easier by using contraptions.

I bought one off Etsy...the crafters' website. I bought one of the cheaper ones, and I think it might be a little too short, but it was still fun to have something to turn the yarn on, and not just my stubby little fingers! And I think I might have this nostepinne upside down, as the hook is meant to hold the outside starting yarn, I think! It didn't come with directions, so I'll have to go watch good old youtube! I think I'm going to look a little more for a second one that's longer...this one is 6". I think it needs to be longer, judging from some of the other ones I've look at online.
I love this sock yarn! It's Sausalito, an 80% wool, 20% nylon blend with a beautiful ocean blue, turquoise and purple colorway. Can't wait to make some more socks with it! Speaking of socks, I'm going to attempt Cat Bordhi's "Sweet Tomato Heel" socks one day soon...Gotta get those Christmas and birthday presents done and mailed, first!  I also want to make Cat's Moebius Cowl for someone in my family, but don't know who, yet.  Not sure if my daughters would like something like that, so time to check in with them.....Until next week.....Sunday is Christmas! Can't believe it's here all ready!

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