Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yarn Bombing

Until I started knitting this past year, I had never heard of "yarn bombing." What a concept! Let's "soften" up our harsh world with bright colors and textures and get everybody to stop and look and appreciate art in a whole new art form....well, maybe not so new...I love it! Where these places are, I am not sure...I just decided to collect a few examples of it.....Eldy says I could yarn bomb the motorhome! How about mirror covers or a giant windshield cover? he asks...Whew! That's a tall order, literally! I'll have to think about that one!
I taught a ruffled scarf class this week...It was a big success! If you'd like to read about it, check out Where's Eldo?

I'm worn out from all the preparations and but the scarves were so popular, that I've decided to try and sell them by making a few, and sending them around to family members in different parts of the country to see if they will wear them....maybe I can get the word out to at least sell a few....My sister says, she thinks I have found my niche..that I should be giving craft classes while traveling down the road full time in the motorhome. I'll certainly consider do that more if the opportunity presents itself. I had a ball working with adults, teaching them to knit the ruffly scarf. It's in my genes to teach, and I really miss it, so I can't wait to find another opportunity!  Until next week....   Jeannie (and Lyle!)

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