Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking Babies

AHA! I have a way to get around this no taking photos thing of my grandbaby. My daughter has requested Mom, please don't post any more baby photos publicly to the whole wide world, unless you make it REALLY generic. She is concerned for the baby's privacy. So, I am making Kerry a scrapbook of my four weeks here with her. It's a digital scrapbook, so if I post a couple of artistic pages, and don't give a lot of details about the baby, then I think I will still be in her good graces, and still respecting her and the baby's privacy....So here's my first digital layout with my new grandson, six days old.....

I took Katie Periet's "A Moment in Time" template which looks like this:

And started fooling around with it....I have trouble getting things to fit and move around digitally as I am just learning about how to digital scrap, but I think it turned out ok. I moved some elements and the photo. I used Photoshop Elements version 8 for my page and working with the photos...With many digital templates, you simply "drop" down an opened digital paper file onto the background layer, add your journaling and the rest of the elements are all there. I used Katie Pertiet's (my favorite digital designer!)  "My Baby Boy" paper for the background, and added a date. The graph paper had to come out when I couldn't get the elements to group together because I didn't know what I was doing! But it's on to the next digital page, I've got ten or twenty pages to do in just a couple of days before I leave depending on whether I want back to back layouts or not. Time is a factor here.

I think she's going to like it....It's fun when it comes together without too much hassle or having to start over. This one was relatively easy to do. Until next time.......


  1. Thanks for stopping by the Roadrunner Chronicles! In ref to your question, I use the collage in Picasa.

  2. I never had enough patience for Photoshop Elements or using templates. I just make my own pages, put what I want on them and they are done. Sometimes in Word or WordPerfect, but usually in Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist II, which is really easy to use.

    What you are doing has a bigger learning curve, but I think once you have it, you'll get better results than I can get with what I'm doing. I keep saying some day I'll learn Elements.

    This first page is really pretty - I love the graphic in the upper left corner. The paper is perfect, and the other elements around Barron work really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest. :)