Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting the Shot Just Right

Wanted to experiment with photography this week....

Taking photos of my new grandson is of top priority! 
Unfortunately, my daughter wishes I wouldn't post photos of the baby in such a public manner, so Grandma Sparky has to cool it for awhile.....I understand her privacy concerns as a new mother in Kerry's hometown was murdered coming out of a pediatrician's office and the baby kidnapped, not far from where Kerry lives. The baby was recovered. My daughter is justifiably concerned, having been affected by weird things of a criminal nature happening in her young life, much more so than the average person her age. She is just more cautious about everything, with a new baby, and I guess society has really drummed it into our heads that it's a dangerous place out there, and you can't trust anybody. Our identities are in danger of being stolen, our accounts are getting hacked, people are stealing babies right and left, if you were to believe the media. 

So, I am saddened not to be able to post any more photos in the blog or any more personal details about the wonderful joy of being a new grandma, but I respect her wishes. She says if I can do it in a more generic way, that's ok. So I"m going to have to rethink how I post "Grandma" time...So for now,  I turned my attention to our travels this week, in particular, a tour of a craft brewery. I talked about it in my travel blog a bit (Where's Eldo? on Blogger) but I wanted to say more about it.

I liked this photo in particular. I think I got the shot just right for me..Not because it's about beer, which I don't even like, but because it makes me think of the happy time I spent today with Eldy, on a tour of the Saint Arnold Brewery in Houston. (The red chips are tokens you get to sample the craft beers after the tour.)
The tour was short but informative, and after the tour, we sat down at a table in the big tasting room and started talking to two young women who were from Singapore. It was really great to see Eldy, who seldom talks to strangers unless they approach him first, strike up a conversation with the two gals and then from there, it just blossomed into a nice long discussion about traveling. We compared notes about different parts of the U.S., and we talked about the culture in Singapore, and the American culture.  The girls, (they seemed so young to me!) asked lots of questions about our travels and we asked lots of questions about life in Singapore.

It was just really fun to learn about people who are from other places and to learn from them, and it felt so comfortable talking with them. They were fun and interesting, smart young women who were obviously doing well in their jobs. They had traveled all over the world and had lots to say about all kinds of things. We really enjoyed chatting with them today....That's part of the wonderful life of full time RVing, striking up conversations with strangers everywhere we go, and strangers become friends more easily than anywhere else in life.....It was a really great day today and one to remember......

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  1. I understand completely how your daughter feels. I was surprised that my kids didn't mind me posting photos of them and their kids, and I did ask before I did it, but I just use their first names. I know how proud you are and want to share your grandson with us, but your daughter is protecting him, and that's what mom's do.

    I'm glad we got to see him, he's such a beautiful baby and I wish the little guy and his mom and dad the best! Now we're just going to have to enjoy your travels and crafty endeavors! :)