Thursday, April 18, 2013

Breast Cancer People Pins and More

Orders are coming in from Relay for Life back in Elkhart, IN...I'm making several pins a day for right now, so not much time to try anything else...It makes me happy to be making something when some of the proceeds go for such a good cause...

Found another campground, the River Vista RV Resort in Dillard, GA, that is having a special weekend devoted to Relay for Life this summer in July. I sent them a note with a photo explaining how I was making pins for Relay for Life in Elkhart, Indiana, would they be interested in having some pins for sale on their special weekend? They said, "Yes! Please send us one." So now, I've got a craft that is finally making a LITTLE money and donating money at the same time for a great cause. The pins are selling for 10.00 a pin, and three dollars of every sale is going to Relay for Life....Each one is a little different every time I make one so they are sort of unique in their own way. Different head beads, spacer beads, and assortments of pink, silver and metallic beads for the arms and legs come together in a different way each time..And I thought of a cute way to present them as a gift. Wrap in tissue paper first, then place in a little hot pink organza gift bag....Everybody has been very happy to receive these and I hope I can do a lot more!
I've been trying to figure out how to get some sales going on Etsy, with these pins, but not having much success! I think the pricing is ok, because once people see these, they love them and want one, but until you get a few sales under your belt, it's hard to get going on Etsy. People have said you have to "renew" your listings on a regular basis, which pushes them to the top of the viewing list, but that lasts about a day, and then your item starts moving to the middle of the listings and back to the bottom as time goes by. I'm going to have to just start studying and reading forums as to how to sell on Etsy. It seems that lots of photos are best whenever you post something on Etsy, so I need to put more photos and more angles of the things I'm selling, I think.

I know HOW you photograph your item is another huge important step to be on top of. I bought a book, "Photographing Arts, Crafts & Collectibles" by Steve Meltzer, on Amazon.

It was very helpful but very technical. I did come away with some additional knowledge about lighting and the option of placing your item in a little white "tent" with proper lighting for best viewing for a really nice photo.

We'll see what happens in the next few weeks. What I REALLY need to be doing is working on my daughter's crochet/wool visor newsboy cap. I've got the beret done, now it's time to get going on the visor! Here's the newsboy cap as shown on Etsy for over $90.00. I decided I MIGHT be able to make one for a lot less. 
Here's the crocheted part done, a simple single crochet beret that's going to get sewn to a brown herringbone vintage visor that buttons in the back. I found the vintage visor pattern which has the exact same button closure in the back as the original hat, on Ebay. The original also has a couple of wool pompoms, a braid, and a couple of wool fabric flowers. The hardest part will be getting the beret attached to the visor. I have no idea if the beret is big enough circumference wise to fit the visor! Hope this works! If it does, I will have made a comparable newsboy hat for about one third the price. My daughter really really wanted this hat, and neither one of us could afford the price they were asking. Wish me luck!

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  1. It is so nice to see others with the same breast cancer awareness that I share. Ever since my stepmother beat breast cancer I try to do everything that I can to support. Every time I see breast cancer awareness pins I buy them. I must have over 100 in my house! :)