Thursday, April 4, 2013

Leather Wrapped Bracelets

Next week, I am taking a class on how to make a leather wrapped bracelet from Knot Awl Beads located in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota area. The cost of the class was 25.00. They seem to be easy to make. Here are a couple of cool ones being sold on internet sites like Etsy.

You need 1-2 mm leather cording, a pretty button about 5/8"-3/4", special thread for wrapped the leather cords and stringing the beads like waxed Irish linen cord, C-lon thread size D, or Nymo cord, glue for securing the knots in the leather, a beading needle and lots of same sized beads, somewhere around 4-6 mm. The store uses Fireline for the thread, so I thought I'd try it. The other threads come in so many colors, if I make a bracelet with a colored leather, I'll use something different. A clipboard is a great item to use while you are making the bracelet, and holds the cords in place. The stitch that is used is the ladder stitch, which you can find how to do on the internet. I just wanted to take a class in how to do it so my first bracelet would turn out probably nicer with a little help than if I had taught myself.

I found a handy measurement list on the web for how much cord and thread needed for a single, double, triple and four or more leather wrap bracelet.

Leather Wrap bracelets
Measurements for supplies for single and multiple wraps

single wrap 7.5”       30” cord, 7-8 feet thread

double wrap 15” 45” cord 14-16 feet thread

triple wrap 22.5” 60” cord 21-24 feet thread

4 wraps         30” 75” cord 28-32 feet thread

5 wraps         37.5” 90” cord 35-40 ft. thread

Can't wait to take my class on making one!

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  1. Those bracelets are beautiful - can't wait to see the ones you make!

  2. They are really comfortable to wear, too. I might even convert myself to wearing more bracelets as I'm not a jewelry person at all. But I sure love to make jewelry in different mediums! :-)