Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Sister's Loom Projects

setting up the loom
My sister, Lyle, has been experimenting on her new rigid heddle loom...she is working on a scarf! I thought it was beautiful, the way the first one she has ever made turned out. But, being in the same family, sharing the same genes, she is somewhat of a perfectionist like me, and she wasn't happy with the outcome. She said the materials used stretched out when she took it off the loom....darn! She called it "deconstructing" the scarf...which means she took it all apart and started over again, bless her heart! (I do that all the time in sewing, I should be familiar with that term!)

I don't know, I think it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing, sis! We're both having fun checking out different websites for our projects....I could spend all day surfing the web looking for patterns for all kinds of crafts...I have to watch it! My paper files are growing and the space in our motor home is very limited, so I need to cull some of my project ideas that I'll probably never make...but they are so cute, I hate to throw them out!

Personally, I think needlework and crafting different things teaches you patience. I am working on a mitered scarf pattern (knitting) and I think I ripped out or "deconstructed the same square about ten times before starting to think there was a mistake in the pattern. I called the knit shop I got the pattern from, and sure enough. The directions were not entirely accurate, nor were they stated explicitly enough. AHA! I think I've got it now....it's starting to come together nicely. I'll save a photo for  next week when there's more progress to the pattern. It, too, is a scarf, but I think I'm gonna have it be a table runner instead! It's made from leftover sock yarn (you know, those little mini purses I was making that didn't sell?) I saw the cutest little baby booties made from self striping sock yarn the other day...hm-m-m-m-m, that gives me an idea....

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