Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What to Do?

I've got all these cute little key ring/key fob holders plus Easter eggs, and now don't know what to do with them! Thought they might sell at the local craft show, but they didn't. I had them priced at 5.00 each for the key rings, and $2.50 for each Easter egg, but none sold. Maybe the price was too high, or the type of people shopping at the craft show (RVers, and retirees) just wasn't the right audience. I guess I'll put them in a little tub and wait for another occasion to sell them at some kind of local fair.  Since I sold seven eggs at the rally we did, I'm not giving up yet!  I've got the eggs listed on ebay, but that really isn't the right place for them. Crafts are hard to sell on ebay!
I've got a lot of ideas to make things as a way of making a little extra money, but just not sure at this point if I can take a pattern off the internet, make it into something and then sell it at a craft show or on Etsy. I've been looking at patterns on the internet for kits for knitted dolls and don't see anything about copyrights on the patterns. I know you can't sell the PATTERN on most of these things but can you sell a product that you make from the pattern?  I started to list the little key rings on Etsy, but then thought I'd better check into this a little more...it's very confusing to me what you read about copyrights, so here I am, stuck at the moment on what to do...I don't want to do the wrong thing or heaven forbid, something illegal!

I loved basketweaving....I'd like to make more baskets but don't know if those would sell or not....here's my first market basket, the first basket I ever made and I just loved doing it!
It would be an investment to get supplies, but just don't know whether to dive into this or not....the actual cost of reed and basket weaving materials is not too expensive...as you can see, I'm just not sure where to go with my craft skills next...I've also thought seriously of making felted things like e-reader covers to sell, or other felted bags and cozies...so, this week I'll just have to do some investigating and maybe post some questions in some forums online and see if I can get some guidance.....

My sister is quite busy right now with Ferncare in Ferndale, Michigan, which is a clinic where people who are seriously ill and have no medical insurance can be seen by doctors, (ages 19-64) so she is not weaving right now....she works hard to promote Ferncare as their funding is very limited. A scarf is her next project on her tabletop rigid heddle loom. Can't wait to see it! 

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