Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Are the Sisters Up to This Week?

I'm teaching myself to knit cables---it's fun! But what a learning curve! I started a Kindle cover with a cable on the front...first, I had trouble casting on intending to use the Magic Loop method.  I kept twisting the stitches on one circular needle, not sure why, I was working very hard NOT to twist them. I must have started over six times on casting on...finally I switched to TWO circular needles, and that seemed to work much better for me, then I was able to keep going...when I got to the cable part, I didn't quite understand how it worked. I was twisting the cable needles holding the stitches, not realizing you must not twist the cable needle. I messed up twice on the cable. It looked terrible. Then, I got out my trusty knitting book that is really helpful, Knit Book, Basics and Beyond, and studied the diagram. AHA! Got it! And now, I am on my way with a tweedy red Kindle cover! Here it is! All I need to do is add the velcro and pretty button and it's done...(not too crazy about knitted buttonholes)....I need to learn how to do a better job of doing seams on things. I whipstitched the bottom but maybe should have done a different way of sewing up the bottom.....

On to socks! I'm working on a practice sock. One of my daughters wants a pair of socks, so I'm motivated to learn! It's kind of confusing as far as the heel goes, maybe someone out there will guide me to a preferred way--gusset? no gusset? wrap? no wrapping!  I have a basic pattern that uses SSK, so I will try that first, and then add to my skills....Here's the practice sock so far...
My sister, Lyle, is still working on scarves with her loom...they are really looking good, sis! It's really fun to check out different websites for yarn sources, we're going to feed each other's fiber addictions! She gave me a website to go looking for yarn.....it's called Fabulous Yarn--Fiber for Fanatics. Isn't that a great name for a yarn site? We think so! We'll do our best to support it!  I'll have to get some good sites now, for her...How about KnitPicks, Sis?  Here's her latest scarf.....I saw one very similar to it at the Village Fest in Palm Springs the other day......she is getting into weaving more and more and branching out into different yarn fibers. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

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