Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally-Finished Fingerless Gloves!

Boy, do I have a lot to learn! Got my second fingerless glove finished BUT--the bad news is, the second one is slightly smaller, the good news is somehow I did a better job on the thumb and it's not as fat. The bad news is, it bothers me that they are not the same size. The good news is after three or four do overs, I did complete it!
They look better in the photo than when they are sitting on the table without my hands in them! I still need to learn how to pick up stitches when doing the thumb area, but I managed to do it the second time better than I did the first. I must have started the second glove about three times. I finally tried using a lifeline, and although I didn't have to frog anything, just having that lifeline reassured me that I wouldn't run into a lot of problems like I did before. Taking stitches out on two circulars was a nightmare and I just ended ripping the whole darn thing apart three times before finally being able to finish it! Yay!

Am I going to wear these? You bet! It's chilly in the early evening here and I think I will wear them when I choose to sit outside and read or knit.  I might even wear them when I ride my bike. I feel good about getting something done this week. I've got a dishcloth going again. When I got frustrated with the gloves, I put them aside and went back to dishcloths. I was working on a particular pattern, one with right twist and left twist stitches, teaching myself how to do that. I had problems putting down the work and coming back and doing the wrong row. THAT dishcloth got ripped out four times....(Am I a little too much of a perfectionist! Yep!) Wish I wasn't, but maybe as I knit more, I won't worry so much about having something be perfect or look perfect. I put aside the the twist pattern and started a different one. When a project is so frustrating and not enjoyable, then it's time to put it away or forget about it, or try something new. The fingerless gloves bother me, but I'm glad I persisted and didn't give up. I'll wait awhile and try another pair using sock yarn again down the road.

Is the knit doll assembled yet? Nope....I'm dragging my feet trying to decide the best way to sew seams. Is the quilt for my daughter's friend finished yet? No....but it's on the list for this week. Just a little more handquilting to do on it. Having a craft blog is helping me be a little more accountable to myself. I can't believe how fast a week goes by!  Hope to have the quilt finished by next Sunday.....wish me luck!


  1. Jeannie, I am happy that you commented today on my new blog. From there, I followed the link back to your new blog. I like what you are doing here, very nice. I am going to pass this onto my wife Ellen, she enjoys crocheting. In the last 10 years or so, she often does most of her crocheting from her own yarn that she spins. She actually spins from our own Alpaca herd that we had for those 10 years.


  2. That is really cool, John and Ellen. I really admire people who are spinning in these modern times. Hand made wool and fibers, and the whole hand dying thing is very cool. Thanks so much for reading!