Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time Flies When You are Having Fun

Geesh! Where did the week go? After resting on my laurels for having finished SOMETHING (the fingerless gloves), I let the week slip away without doing any knitting to speak of except for a new dishcloth pattern that I'm about half way through knitting. It's called the "Stacked Barrels" pattern from a dishcloth book I have. Wait, change that...after doing fine with the pattern and getting really far along, I put it down, marked where I was, and then when I came back to knit some more, I saw that somehow for the last seven rows, I got "off" on the stacked barrels and that the pattern was off. It was quite noticeable, as if I had changed my mind midstream where I wanted the barrels to be. (And I hadn't been drinking any wine, either!) Argggggghhhhh! Tried several times after frogging it back to the mistake to figure out WHICH row was where I needed to start on again in the pattern, and just couldn't quite figure it out. Some of these dishcloth patterns are not that hard, but you've got to pay attention. I'm thinking that maybe I need to type out the pattern for all the rows instead of "repeat * to *, or another example is when you get to rows 10 and 11, and it says to "repeat row 8 and 9" for rows 10 and 11. I think my ADHD brain has trouble with those kind of directions. (You think, Sparky?)

So-o-o---o, I picked another, easier pattern and here it is so far.....I love the latest colors in the 100% cotton lines in the Peaches and Cream line or whatever it is that I bought. ( I take the labels off right away because they usually fall off in short order.)
When I get finished with this one, I'll start another dishcloth from this bright green, orange and red just for stress relief (? HA!) from the thornier issues I have facing me, like how to seam all those knit doll seams from the knit doll pattern I made a couple of weeks ago. The fact that I'm thinking about how to do them is a start. I've actually looked up some different methods of seaming. I'd better get going because this is a gift for my little cousin in about a month.

Another accomplishment--I mailed the tee shirt quilt this week! Yay! It only took me from last fall to now to finish it. It helped that there was a sewing room at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, AZ. That's where I got the bulk of it done.  It's handquilted in places but not all over repeatedly as most quilts are done or probably should be, but hey--This is my quilt and I'm sticking to it!  In the RV it was hard to handquilt, this quilt ended up being almost as large as a king quilt I did random circular stitchings in different sizes. I'm not a good hand stitcher, and I really didn't have the right equipment or knowledge on how to do that. I didn't want to distract from the logo designs on shirts, so I did the circles close to and around the squares. It's not your usual tee shirt quilt where you make all the squares the same sizes. All the logos were sized so differently that I couldn't get a uniform square without chopping off some of the designs so I just appliqued them on top of the fabric. Made my task a LOT easier.....

Depending on the weather, I hope to get that knit doll put together--now that I've got it in print, maybe I'll get started! HA! (You can do it, Sparky!)

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