Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photography is My Thing This Week

For the moment, anyway....We're so busy checking out the beautiful Oregon coast, I haven't completed any projects this week in the way of crafts. I'm still working on that second darned fingerless glove. I got to the thumb again, and somehow lost a stitch and could see it more than a couple of rows down. I started to rip out back to the missed stitch as I couldn't seem to pick it up, and for some reason, frogging (rip it, rip it, rip it out) on circulars is more problematic for me than on straight needles.

I've been reading the Knitting Paradise forum, and they suggest a "lifeline"...running a piece of yarn every so many rows through a row of stitches or where you might run into difficulties later on, then when you have to rip out, you'll rip out down to the held stitches on your lifeline. After three times of trying to get this second fingerless glove done, I think I'll research that a little more and try using it....

My sister is selling her loom! She just wasn't happy with the weaving process and is looking for something different to do. Sometimes we try a craft and it's just not a good fit for our personality. She just didn't find the weaving process as rewarding as she thought. She's always been a great beader--having made gorgeous eye glasses holders, and other beading things like wrapped beads around lamps and candles and such things as that. So she thinks she might go back to beading. I used to do decorative painting on wood---signs for each season to hang on a door, barn wood signs--those wooden signs you see in craft magazines that hang over entrances to I got older, I seemed to get a little more unsteady with my paint strokes so I moved on to other things...made cards for awhile, scrapbooked with paper supplies, dabbled in jewelry a little bit, sewed a LOT of small quilts, table runners,  and wall hangings, now it's knitting. But I'm sure frustrated with myself at the moment...certain aspects of knitting are still so rudimentary as far as my skills, I'm expecting perfection when I should be just learning.

I finished my knitted doll parts--all the clothing, body pieces and the head, and now I have to put it all together...but I'm dreading it because seaming in knitting is not the easiest thing to do without having irregular stitches show through to the right side. So it looks like I'm going to have to practice first before putting this doll together....hopefully, something else will get completed this coming week. I'm working on it, truly I am!  :-)

Here are some pretty nature photos I took this week....Well, maybe a snail isn't pretty, but he sure looks interesting down there on the forest floor hiking path. I almost stepped on him!
I love flowers and their delicate papery thin petals and intricate designs within....

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