Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slowly But Surely...

I'm working on this very cute doll from AK Traditions out of Australia. They have several books for these dolls. Isn't she cute?...just the cutest knitted boy and girl dolls, with clothes and accessories. I've gotten the parts knitted ok, now I am starting to seam all the pieces. I still can't seem to get the hang of how to seam things. I've tried backstitch and it's ok, but the seam is bulky. I've tried getting out my knitting books and reviewing the seaming methods, but even after blocking the pieces, I'm having trouble sewing what I see in my knitted piece to what they want me to sew that's shown in the book!

I know this doll is going to look a lot different than the one in the book, hopefully it will still be cute! The book is confusing about how to put the doll together, I think. There is supposed to be a muslin stuffed body, with the knitted pieces going over it. The way they have you join the arms and legs and put the head in to the body is odd, so I'm going to have to use my knowledge of sewing to try and figure out a better way to construct the doll.

Well, I've just decided to start in and see what happens...she's coming along! And actually, the seams aren't too bad. I'm trying different approaches for each set of seams, and seeing how they are coming out. I've got to finish the head, pull it inside and neaten up the joining of the clothing and the head, attach the arms and legs and embroider the face...maybe next week it will be finished! MAYBE...I'm leaving myself an out, just in case I'm not...

It's hard to find a local knit shop (LYS) when we go places, but I did see one in Cannon Beach, called Coastal Yarns. I might take my pieces in and see if they can advise me. Sometimes knit shops that are dedicated to selling yarns and needles charge for assistance. Can't stay too long if that's the case!

I'm excited about another side of me that I've been nurturing since I retired and went RVing full time and that's photography! Eldy and I bought a new camera, our first SLR, a Nikon 3100. It is so user friendly! He researched and researched and then the camera went on sale at Costco, so we picked one up! I've got a lot to learn about SLR's but the shutter is so fast now, I can take more photos and not have to wait for the camera to catch up. Here's my favorite from this week's shots....I love the way it captures action....this photo was taken at Hug Point near Seaside, OR.  See you next week! Hard to say WHAT I'll be's that darn ADHD thing goin' on......


  1. Okay, after two blogs now about Hug Point, we're going to have to go check it out. We drove by the sign yesterday so we know where it's at. I loved your blog. I've just started quilting things. The hardest thing I find is not the quilting but coming up with what I want to quilt. Have fun! We are.

    Just Wanderin'

  2. Thanks for reading. Hug Point was just great! Where are you staying? There are some nice quilt shops along the coast. I haven't been paying attention lately because knitting has taking over the quilting supplies! And I promised my daughter a pair of socks. Very ambitious for me, as I have yet to complete one pair yet...made one sock and it was HUGE and I had to have a lot of help on it. Sure hope I can do her pair a little more easily.