Monday, August 22, 2011

Crafting Something New

Very short post this week...we're busy exploring Glacier National Park...I finished my second pair of socks (yay!) and will have a photo next week.

My sister, Lyle, has been the crafter this week...she is making ceiling fan chain pulls with are some of her designs.....

I really like these and am glad she is making "stuff" again...she's a busy retiree working at a health clinic for people who can't afford regular medical care..It's called Ferncare and it's in Ferndale, MI. She puts in many many hours a week for free to help run the clinic, so not much time for her to craft.

Right now, I'm trying to talk her into selling on Etsy, so we'll see what happens! Until next week....

                                                                      Jeannie and Lyle

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  1. Jeannie: You left a question on Tumbleweed about where Dee is from (that's me). I'm from Warsaw, Ind. I couldn't find any other way to answer you except your blog. Great one by the way.