Sunday, August 7, 2011

Too Busy to Craft!

I'm committed to posting once a week, but this week has been too busy to accomplish anything! My youngest brother got married and with all the preparations and helping him get everything done, all crafts went by the wayside this week....Here's a photo of my sister and my baby brother, Charlie the day before the wedding...He is SO photogenic!

I AM working on a new pair of socks--for me...I'll have a photo next week when I get one sock done. It's made from Kroy sock yarn in a pretty hunter green tonal color. I've been trying to be a little more adventurous with branching out and maybe trying something other than a basic sock. I purchased a book called New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book I by Cat Bordhi. It is filled with beautiful knitting patterns for socks and sock construction in ways that are just really really different. It's very inspiring, but VERY confusing to me at the moment. I'm sure when she wrote it it was crystal clear to her and her publisher, but reading through it, I'm totally lost. I debated selling it on Amazon, but then I thought, there might come a day down the road when I am ready to try something really different. For now, I decided instead of regular ribbing at the top, I'd do a garter rib...I don't think I like it! And I'm too lazy to frog it out and try again....

So for now, it's back to traveling on the road and when the dust settles, I'll have some more photos of things I'm working on.....until next week....     Jeannie (and Lyle, too!)

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