Monday, August 15, 2011

Something Accomplished....

I've decided to knit a whole bunch of things in preparation for a craft show yet unamed, or planned, but I know the state, Florida! I'm thinking that when we winter at a great RV park in Naples, FL, that I might talk the managers into having a little craft show for the park. We'll be there in December and a craft show would be a great gift idea generator, I think!

After having gotten the family reunion out of the way, the wedding out of the way, it's full steam ahead for crafting! For now, I've knitted some more dishcloths and working on some baby shower cloths. I think I'll make some more knitted dolls from the same company that I knitted the first doll from a few weeks ago--AK Traditions, from Australia. I think I'll also do some quilted things just to mix it up a little! and why not throw in some key fobs while I'm at it! Just a little bit of everything ought to cover it! Cover it? Heck, maybe I'll go back to working on some cell phone covers or ipad covers, too! That should keep me busy as we start to spend more time in places before moving on.....We're slowing down on our traveling and spending more time in one place, like a month, so we can save on fuel costs the rest of this year.

This week I made some more dishcloths...I gave a few away at the reunion and the wedding, so needed to make some more! I like the baby ones, these are a lamb and a rocking horse. But I'm not sure Peaches and Creme yarn is the softest 100% cotton. Might look around some more for some other alternatives, like "Dishie" on Knitpicks website. Here are the ones I made this addition to the variegated one on top:

I read somewhere on the Knitting Paradise forum that some lady makes over 300 dishcloths a year and sells in the world would you have any time for doing anything else but knitting unless she is using a knitting machine--she didn't say. I like to knit but not that much to do it all day long, not to mention how stiff the fingers would get! It takes me about three hours to do one dishcloth, knitting straight at it. I would love to sell some of these, but don't think there's much of a market and you can't sell them for much as it is, just barely over the cost of the yarn itself.

I'm thinking it's time to switch to a different sort of project so we'll see what the week brings! We're getting ready to go to Glacier National Park for a week, so I might not be crafting as much this coming week.....My sister has been busy with the volunteer medical clinic that she is helping run in Ferndale, MI, so she has not been crafting much at all lately. Life has a way of getting in the middle of these crafts and hobbies, doesn't it?  Bye for now.....Jeannie and Lyle

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