Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Angels Among Us"

I like that Alabama song....I heard it earlier this week and it inspired me to make some little knitted angels this week. It's not Christmas without angels in there somewhere.....I wanted to make some either for my daughters and for my little Christmas tree we put up in the RV. I guess you could say they are also minis since they are so little. They are EASY to knit--no seams!...Knit in rounds, decrease a round for the neck, knit some more rounds. The wing is knit in seed stitch and garter stitch then tied up to make two wing halves and then  it is attached to the body. I used size 2 needles to make them.

The arms were hard to do the way the pattern suggested, which was to make one long arm, then poke a hole through the already stuffed, knitted body and pull out the arm through the other side. I decided to just knit two little arms and sew them separately to the body. The hair was a little bit of a challenge as well, but I just "worked it" to get a look of having some hair. For a little angel, there was quite a bit of "fussy" work, but I didn't mind doing it. What the heck! I'm retired! I've got lots of time to do stuff like that!  I liked the yarn I used, it had a nice sheen to it...Paton's "Grace" in ecru...I still need to add halos, and haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do that unless I find a beaded wire garland. I think I'll sew a little charm to where the hands are joined together. I think a themed charm would be cute--a book for a teacher, a heart for my girls when I make them each one.

Speaking of angels, I like to read the stories in Woman's World magazine about people's encounters with angels.....They are such positive stories!  Until next time....

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