Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo Week

Another week has gone by quickly...I'm still working on my little knitted angels, trying to figure out how to do the beaded halo. The pattern says use a beaded garland, but I have not seen anything like that in the craft stores in the few I've been to, so I might just do a little wire halo and figure out how to attach it to the knitted body...

Fall is here in full force in Indiana...the trees are GORGEOUS! This is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler temperatures and my energy level soars after a long hot summer. We're having a lot of rain here in Elkhart, and it's getting me in the mood for crafting and making some other things besides knitting up ornaments. I bought some cute patterns for little purses, and some zippered "pocket pals" that would look cute in a child's room...Here's a photo of what those look like:

Speaking of photos, I just wanted to post my two favorites from this week's activities with the grandkids...The first is a little four year old friend that was spending the night with the grandkids that I thought was the cutest little girl. She was just sitting at the carving table watching me take photos of everyone, so I quickly snapped this one. She was a little shy, but then warmed up to me as the evening went on....She didn't know quite what to make of all the commotion going on with the other kids at our family get-together. She made a valiant effort to bob for apples because she thought that was the only way she was going to get a little treat bag. The minute she got her face and hair a little wet, she started to cry...Aw-w-w--w, we all felt badly for her and explained she was getting her treat bag anyway! I'll bet she breaks a few hearts when she gets older!

My second favorite photo is one where I focused on a part of the action....and not the kids.

I really like photos like these, I think it's a more interesting type of photo....I hope to be able to compose more shots that capture a different aspect of an activity or moment instead of always focusing on the people. I think it just makes your photos more artistic to have a variety. I'd like to grow my skills as a photographer and take a class or two somewhere along the way on our travels...or maybe an online course. I'll have to look into that....

This week I'll be traveling to Washington, D.C. to see my daughter for five days. I won't be crafting, I'll be a tourist! So there might not be a craft blog next Sunday....Maybe I'll focus on "artistic" photos, lol!

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