Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eyeglass Chains

These were created by my sister, Lyle...she is selling them at various locations around where she lives and travels...I just love these! I think she has a real talent for color and bead combinations. She has a natural eye for color in everything she does.

She also has been making ceiling pull chains and key ring fobs which I posted a photo awhile back, but here they are on a display board. Good job, Sis!   We are both trying to figure out an avenue to sell our things, Etsy is tough to be able to stay on display at the top of the list, there are so many vendors!

She also used to refinish old furniture and then tile the table tops which were just wonderful and very useful and beautiful for outdoor patio use...Wish I had some photos of her creations! I'll try to get her to send me some. She lives in a suburb of Detroit while we are traveling around so it's difficult to get our creations and photos together!

I was in Washington, D.C. all this week so I didn't do anything but finish a sock. This is made from Deborah Norville's Serenity sock yarn. It is a superwash blend and very very soft. I just love the feeling. I made them on smaller needles this time, size 2.75 mm, so the fit is better. Time to start the second sock! I haven't ventured into two at a time toe up socks on two circular needles yet, but some day....MAYBE! I really don't mind doing one sock at a time, even if they don't quite match up! This will be my third pair of socks and I love doing them! But I need to get more adventuresome in the leg parts. I saw Cat Bordi's video on the "sweet tomato heel" yesterday and really want to try that. It's a turned heel with no wraps and is constructed of a couple of wedges. It looks very easy and is VERY smooth. It's very cool! She has an e-book on that for 20.00 I'm thinking of purchasing. We'll see what the next few weeks brings!

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