Sunday, November 6, 2011

A New Medium

WOOL! I love wool...I've been collecting old sweaters from Goodwill and various other thrift stores...I'd like to figure out how to make mittens for the winter from recyclables...Also bought a pattern for a laptop case made from recycled wool jackets--it looks really cool!  My "stash" collection is growing--yarn, fabric, and now wool sweaters and very little space to keep it in in the motorhome, so I'd better start making more stuff SOON!

I made some wool ornaments this week--not for a mini tree, as these are about 4" in diameter...These are from a book called Rustic Winter, 9 ornament designs for three projects, by Marilyn Gash. These 4" ornaments are pictured on the cover placed on an evergreen wreath. Beautiful! Here's what I have made so far....
They are too big to go on our little mini Christmas tree, but I think I might hang them from the upper cupboard door handles, if that doesn't drive Eldy crazy!

I made one last trip to a knitting shop in Shipshewanna for some yarn....I saw this gal making a scarf using these HUMONGOUS needles! I could never get the hang of those, I don't think, but bet she can crank out a scarf in no time! I bought some beautiful bamboo and silk sock yarn. I think I have enough sock yarn for my stash that I shouldn't have to visit another yarn shop for quite some time. THAT will never happen! The yarns are just too beautiful not to touch and buy for future projects!

Besides, I'll be using some of my sock yarn for making more ornaments and mini gifts to hang on my family's trees. I love decorating for Christmas and I love making things that I hope will be passed on to my children, so they will remember that I loved to create and make things for the home and for others.....It's a little harder to decorate a motorhome, but we'll have a few things to show it's the season.  Until next time.....

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