Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding My Voice

I'm still looking for it in this blog....I took the link off my travel blog (Where's Eldo?), because I just thought if I'm going to make THIS blog be more personal, then I think I will just have it be a little more private. If somebody finds it, great! If not, that's ok, too...

I'm feeling guilty at the moment...got so many craft supplies crammed into each cupboard on board the RV, but I'm really not spending a whole lot of time crafting at the moment. Guess it's because there's a new grandbaby coming, my first one, and I'm trying to help my daughter get ready for the baby as we travel towards Texas. Sort of long distance planning a virtual baby shower, shopping for stuff along the way...It's so hot, in the mid nineties, with no relief in site, that it's hard to think about doing ANYTHING! Heat really bothers me, slows me down, even when sitting in air conditioning, it's hard to feel like doing anything. I've always had lots more energy when it's the spring, fall and winter season, and I especially love winter, even as I get older. I still love snow, I like shoveling it, I like walking in it, I like the cold. Love to cross country ski, too. But when you travel full time, you try to avoid extreme cold and the dangers of ice and snow, so we're on the snowbird track for now for a few years.

We are now here in Texas...Kerry looks great, and she is READY to have a baby! But--the baby is not ready yet.

It's hard imagining my youngest having a baby! She's my baby, and now she's going to be a mother. Hard to get my head wrapped around that. It's a milestone for me...like I'm stepping over a bridge that's going to  be burned behind me. It's exciting, but a little sad, too...I'm getting older...I'm going to be a grandma. I won't focus on the old part. :-) Grandma Jeannie? Gamma? Nana? Fun to think about what my name will be.
I'm looking at babies differently now...in magazines, I look for photos of babies...the little feet, the little hands, the baby resting on a daddy's chest. I think about how I'm going to photograph this new little guy, when he comes. I hope my daughter doesn't get frustrated with me wanting to take photos. She does when I'm with her and want to take photos of ordinary stuff. "MOM! STOP taking so many pictures! Put your camera away!" she says...... Hope the baby is here by next week so I can put some proud grandma photos on. And hopefully, Kerry will understand that being a grandma means taking lots of photos! But I will try to restrain myself... :-)  Until next time......

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