Monday, September 2, 2013

A Bowling Ball, A Coat Rack and Me

One of my favorite things to do now that we've settled down is to go check out garage and estate sales on the weekends. Being directionally challenged like I am, I have to have Eldy navigate. Well, I COULD do the GPS thing, but Eldy really is getting to know his way around, and he has a built in directional system in his genes, so it's just easier if he drives. Besides, I really need someone to say, sometimes, "What are you going to do with THAT?" Notice, he DOESN'T say, "What do you need THAT for?" or "Why do you keep buying all this junk?" If he DID say those things, he'd be staying home!

He likes to check these sales out almost as much as I do. He never buys anything, but I sure do! Never spend very much, but week after week, I guess it adds up! So far, I've bought things like an assortment of silver flatware, tiny forks, spoons...gonna make a wind chime with beads and odds and ends of metal and least that's what I think I"m going to do!

Bought a bowling ball, shoes and a bag for five bucks. Not to go bowling, but to make the bowling ball into a mosaic address ball or just a mosaic gazing ball to plunk down in the yard. Here's some similar ideas behind that one....
Then I saw this coat rack for 15.00. I'd been eyeing similar ones for more than that price, but they were damaged and this one was perfect! Going to refinish it eventually. For now, I put it in the master bathroom for hanging towels and clothing...

We don't have any place next to the shower to hang a towel, except for a towel rack INSIDE the shower! Isn't that crazy? What were they thinking? I know, we need some kind of shelf where the shampoo sits. Haven't decided yet how to handle that without it looking tacky. The other two sides of the shower stall are glass so whatever we decide to do, it will show as soon as you walk into the bathroom. I'm thinking you can't get the towel bar off the tile without ripping the tiles out?
The next project is the MASTER BEDROOM. I say that in caps, because it's a BIG bedroom! Starting peeling the wallpaper off just to see if it's going to come off any easier than the bathroom paper. Once I got started, I couldn't help myself! I started peeling the paper off in sheets. Yee-hah! It comes off a LOT easier. So now I have just the brown paper to spray with water and shave off with a putty knife. Oh, boy....Might as well get some paint chips to see what color family I want to go with. Kinda went overboard, ya think?
Choices, choices...I'm thinking a nice teal color...OR a nice bronzy, tan color...Yet we have a lot of tan and copper and butterscotch in the house leaning towards the teal family. Bedroom furniture is sort of a pecan color, rug is a very neutral cream color, bedspread colors are olive, khaki, tan, teal and the bathroom leading off the bedroom is a deep butterscotch......We'll see...Eldy has to weigh in first.....He'll be overwhelmed with all the color choices, and I bet he says, "Um-m-mm...I don't know, what are you thinking?" and I'll say...."Oh, probably one of the teal colors"...And maybe it will be as easy as that!  HA! Didn't think so...he says he likes the pinkish brown family of colors. Guess I will be painting the walls in sample colors, the neutral color on one wall, and the teal color on another, and then we'll take another vote...

Gotta get working'...It's Labor Day!


  1. Good luck with selecting your colors, we never could decide with our last house so , off white is was, the whole house! That way all the other colors did not clash.

  2. Love that gorgeous coat rack. What a find!!