Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Gone...But Not Forgotten

Well, the motorhome sold...not under the best circumstances, it was sold as a trade at the dealership where we left it up in Indiana. We are disappointed in the price, but after weighing the pros and cons of  bringing it  to Red Bay for some fixes, then back down here to Florida in November to plop it on another dealer's lot, while watching the price drop a LOT as the new models came out this fall, we decided to take the only offer we had in four months and go with it. Thanks to everyone who was helping pass the word along. Wouldn't you know, after it was a done deal, interested parties started to come out of the woodwork! Hate that feeling of "What if?...." and second guessing ourselves. Oh, well....It's done! We will never forget the thrill of our travels. The fantastic purchase price we got for it in the beginning kind balances out the disappointing selling price at the end, I tell myself....Over and over....  :-)

I decided to keep a little piece of the Tiffin Phaeton in our new house, and here it is...

Our hallway/entry rug is the living room rug from the Tiffin....

We won't forget our travels, thank goodness it's all in the blog, and little by little, I will have books made for each of the three years that we traveled. I'd better do that before something goes wrong with Blogger. I've heard of people's blogs disappearing, so I'd better start ordering from one of those online make-your-blog-into-a-book sites.

Before I get too morose, missing our travels and the cooler weather SOME people are having, it's time to think about more happy stuff! Like decorating the house..We went to the Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton this week on an off day for them, but I still found what I was looking for---
A paddle! Actually, I was looking for an oar, but the real oars were too long for the wall, so I settled for a canoe paddle. Going to put it horizontally on the wall right over the hall table and then have several bronze metal hooks hanging over it to hang caps from as we come in the door. The flea market has a very limited number of stores open in the summer during midweek, so the best time to go to Red Barn is Fri-Sat-Sun during the summer. I got some seashells for a wreath I'm making, too.

That wasn't quite enough to cheer me up, so I ended up working on a little thing I thought was going to whip up pretty fast, but it ended up taking several hours....A cupcake pin cushion. A lot of fiddly little tight sewing circles involved in this little jobby. But it turned out cute. Going to put it on Etsy in my little shop, JeanBeanGifts.
Went to a couple of estate sales today...always fun to see what's out there, and depending on what neighborhood you are in, how the other half lives..We were over by Sarasota Bay, near the Ringling Museum, where the OTHER half lives, on the water. WOW! This is a mansion next door to the house we were at.
I say house, because it was a one story ranch level, with "u" shaped floor plan..It seemed to have a BUNCH of bedrooms, and one of the bedroom suites had a kitchenette. I thought, how nice, to have a bedroom/living room suite in your house for guests on one half of the U-shaped house. We didn't buy anything at the estate sale, but the views were fantastic of the bay. The outdoor pool and Sarasota Bay were in view right outside more than one bedroom window. Not till after we came out of the house, did we understand that the estate sale house was in the GUEST HOUSE of a bigger mansion on the premises, similar to the one pictured above. Our jaws dropped as we took in the whole scene from the driveway heading out to the car....Amazing!...Bet the main house was in the multiple millions and the guest house at least a couple million. Boggles my mind....

Back home to get out of the HEAT......


  1. Great idea to keep the rug as a memory. Maybe it will remind you to save your pennies for a little trailer or used class C so you can get out of the heat in the summers. We'll be at Oscar Scherer this winter. Hope to be able to see you if your new place isn't too far away.

  2. At least the Tiffin was sold and one less thing to worry about.
    Such a huge mansion, just boggles the mind.

  3. I still miss our motorhome, even though it was only an "entry level" Class A.
    It was also certainly not an "investment", but no vehicle ever is.

  4. The best days of a sailors life are the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it. Think this is true for RV owners too.

  5. Glad the motorhome sold. You're right, it's over and time to move on.

    I like the rug you took from the looks so nice with the paint of the wall. You really seem to have a good eye for decorating. I wish I could have had your help when I decorated the house.

    It's going to cool off soon there too and you'll be enjoying the warm Florida winter while everyone else is freezing. Remember, why you decided not to leave Florida?

  6. So glad you have the MH sold. I'm sure that was weighing on your minds, not to mention pocketbooks! Great idea to keep the rug as a memento too :)