Saturday, September 7, 2013


Well, a couple of things sold...The motorhome--That was a BIG one! But, we didn't get what we wanted out of it. As a matter of fact, it sold at a loss because of coming in on a trade at the dealership. But after weighing everything we would have to have done to get it back done here to FL and put it on a lot with the prices dropping with the 2014 models coming out, we took the offer. It was dicey, gambling on whether or not to hang on through the fall season and into December, and carrying double payments. Best for us to get out from under that, so we did! Kind of a relief, actually....

Another sale on the opposite end of the scale, a tiny little sale, a little breast cancer support people pin I was making bunches of about two months ago. Things slowed down for that for awhile with Relay for Life in Indiana and Kristi, my step daughter raising funds efforts done for the moment...Put one up on Etsy for sale in my little shop that I am just getting started posting in, JeanBeanGifts, and TADA! One sold after renewing the listing for about the third time. On Etsy, you have to keep throwing your items back to the top of the list by renewing and paying to have that happen (it's very inexpensive) and that helps keep your item near the top of the search list. It's up to you how often you do that. Third time's the charm---Yay!
This has inspired me to get crafting again....I've got my daughter's hat almost finished. Here's the one I saw on Etsy selling for 90.00 and couldn't afford to buy.

I have quite a large head size, too bad the brain capacity doesn't match it, or I'm just losing some of my mental faculties as I get older. At any rate, Eldy's head size is smaller, probably about the same size as my daughters. So I asked him to model the hat and he struck a pose. He'd kill me if he sees this, but I don't think he's check Millie's Girls, so SHH-H-H-h-h-h-h-h.....Mum's the word....Cute, hunh?  :-)
Got to add a braided yarn trim, and some fabric and crocheted flowers to it, and it will be pretty darn close to the original, for about 30.00.

Also working on a hand knit dishcloth.....

After using one of mine to scrub tile, and do a bunch of household chores, using it constantly the last couple of days,  I remembered how great these are for just general, all around cleaning. So back to making dishcloths! Won't be long before I think about holiday to make something every year for our tree. It will be hard this year because fall and dropping temperatures, and those cold, rainy days are what USED to fuel my creativity. Gonna be hard to think like that with sunshine and eighties every day! I know, I know, quit whining.....More beautiful weather is coming, a tiny bit cooler temperatures in October...Guess I will have to get creative on rainy days, which we have plenty of in the afternoons this summer....I'll have to pretend a snowstorm is coming.....  :-)

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  1. Congratularions on the sale of your coach and pin.
    Haha , Eldy looks pretty cool in that hat.