Monday, September 23, 2013

She Broka Da Bed!

Wait a minute, it's not what you think.....heheheheh...I decided to tackle stripping the walls in the master bedroom to get them ready to paint. So-o-o-o-o....gotta move the big king bed with headboard and all....Did I think about the bottom frame of the bed and how it might be constructed? A little, but hey--I just went and bought some of those furniture sliders, lifted up the corners and slid the bed forward...Only there was a problem....the slats of the bed were cheap wood, and in the center of the bed, the center supports only had little blocks screwed in the middle of the slats.

As I pulled the bed forward, the little blocks dragged across the thick carpet and got bent in the process. Some of the screws pulled away from the wood, enlarging the holes they were in. The four slats with their little blocks of wood in the center all ended up bent at a 45 degree angle under the bed. Eldy noticed one of them peeking out at the end of the bed, and said, "Jeannie, we have a problem." Now this is the sweetheart of a guy I picked to be my partner for the rest of my life.....Did he yell in disgust? Nope...Did he say, "I can't believe you tried to drag the bed without asking me to help!" Nope....He knows I just go ahead and do dumb stuff like that on my own anyway, and never ask for help. Some day I'll have a hernia because I am so stubborn that way. Why, the bed slid so nicely with those furniture slides under the bed post legs, I had no idea that the mid center section support "sticks" didn't slide as smoothly right along with the rest of the bed! So, off to Lowe's we went...wood filler to fill in the newly expanded screw holes, and while we were at it, might as well get the paint for the master bedroom. I've been dragging my feet to finish the job in there, now I have to get going as once we get the bed put back together, we're not gonna move that sucker again!

I got to work on the wall behind the bed to hurry up and paint it and get it ready for the bed to get back in place by this evening. It only took about an hour and a half to peel the brown paper backing off with a TON of water spraying from my trusty little water bottle. Then I washed the wall down to get that gooey wallpaper paste off. (I had already gotten the wallpaper off earlier this week) By the end of the afternoon, the first coat was on and the fans were a blowin'. The color is "Milk Toast", a Valspar Signature paint, which is supposed to be primer plus color. I'm not impressed with the coverage, but that could be the painter's technique, (that would be moi) not the fault of the paint.

And then, while working around the windows to get the wood ready for the new paint, I noticed that the drywall was moist as in CRUMBLY, which suggested to me that there had been or is a LEAK around the windows. Out we go to the outside, only to find out the window had been badly caulked and repainted at some point, which said AHA! There WAS a leak. YUCK....Can't afford new windows at this point, so we recaulked and carefully worked at filling in the gaps on the outside and inside....That will be a future house expenditure...We'll need to replace the two master bedroom windows at some point. The current ones aren't hurricane proof anyway, so that will be a good place for our money to go...right out the window....HAHAHAHAHA.....Couldn't resist...sorry....  :-)

What else have I been doing?   Getting ready for fall decorating.....Haven't quite finished this, but it's going to be a little pillow with hanging ties to hang from the oar hook over the hall table...Waiting for some special thread to finish Mr. Frankenstein on the left, there.

Went to a sewing class to learn how to make a fancy, schmanzy witch's hat...It's got LOTS of hand embroidery on it...Had a lot of fun in the class meeting new people, talking shop with two teachers who are still teaching....Here are some gals who are almost finished with their hats...
And here is some of the detail on the hat...

I'm still finishing up my hat here at home with some embroidering still left to do. Then I'm going to make a second hat to put in my little Etsy shop, JeanBeanGifts. Then, I've got to get started on a tee shirt quilt for my oldest daughter...and then, gotta make some fall ornaments for a little tree for my daughter's office. Then, going to make a little naptime quilt for my grandson. After that, going to start making ornaments for a tall Christmas tree we're going to have this year. No more little itty bitty 3 foot tree like the one in the motorhome, Eldy wants a really tall one because we have a really tall great room ceiling. He's never been able to have a nice tall Christmas tree so it looks like we're gonna have one this year.  We've got Eldy's kids coming for two different visits this next month, Kristi in the first part of the month, Brian in the middle of the month.

Think I'd better stop talking and go get busy!


  1. You are still keeping yourself pretty busy there and having fun too.

  2. Opps about the bed. Be prepared for a BIG price on that BIG tree. :-))

  3. Nice part about having a house...seasonal decorating!