Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Good Week....

Well, something got accomplished this week...I knit one and a half dishcloths...those are things I enjoy doing because they don't take as much thought as a bigger project. Well, they can take more thought if you are not paying attention to a pattern you are doing. The bright, cheery red, yellow and blue one got frogged twice because somehow I added a stitch and made the pattern get "off". After frogging it back about five rows, I discovered that I really didn't need to frog it, I had the right number of stitches! arrrrggghhh!  I really like 100% cotton dishcloths. They are great for wiping down counters, and doing some washing around the motorhome. Even though I have hand knit about ten so far, some for gifts and some for me, I had a couple that I didn't like the way they worked out with the variegated color scheme. Those I use for more serious cleaning of windows, sills, and scrubbing spots out of things. I'm thinking of making some "spa" cloths out of the nicer cotton yarn and wrapping one envelope style around a wonderful smelling homemade bar of soap (not made by me, too labor intensive in the motor home, I think!). My sister says it's difficult to get a nice, strong scent to a bar of soap, without it being kind of costly. So I think I'll go looking for some online or in the local shops along the way and see what I come up with. My sister bought me some soaps that are rosemary scented, and I found a couple more that have a strong lovely citrus smell. But I want to keep them for myself! Scents are funny...what you think is delightful, someone else might dislike....Hmmmm...if I had more readers, I'd take a poll! What's your favorite scent? There are lavender farms all over the place in Washington, but there's my point--although lots of people love the smell of lavender, I really don't like it at all!

Hurray! The knitted doll is coming along after all!  I've got her partly assembled. This week I redid the head on circulars, and like it much better than the two pieces the directions had me knit the first time around. I've been working on her eyes and taken them out at least three times.  Poor thing! The directions say to use a piece of yarn, separating it into plies and then satin stitching the eyes. The stitching just won't cooperate with the knit stitches and lay flat. Can't get a nice round satin stitched eye for anything! So that's on the back burner for the moment. Maybe I'll work on the hair and her hat this week. The hat needs a crocheted flower. Hmmmm, I just realized I'm glad I haven't sewn on her head and her hat...she's backwards! The jumper front is much prettier!

Also got my first sock going...toe up, two circular needles and the help of a printed out "Come to Silver Socks" pattern. Step by step directions, I'm almost ready for the heel, but not understanding the wrap thing. Going to have to go to youtube and see if that will help me figure out what the heck she's doing on the wraps. There are many ways to do a heel--gusset, no gusset, wrap, no wrapping, but I've got to have the directions have the same number of stitches I do on my needles to try something, so I'm sticking with the Silver socks pattern for a bit. Really hope I don't have to frog this sock. I've done one before this and it came out HUGE! So I've changed my needle size down and hoping that I'll have a sock that will fit this time.....I'm procrastinating on the heel just out of fear of messing it up! The needles are very small, and the thin yarn makes it hard to rip anything out and recover all the stitches, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this week that I can do it! We'll see what happens.....

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  1. Your little doll is soooo cute~! and your socks will be winners--- love the colors!

    Karen and Steve

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