Sunday, July 17, 2011

Darn, Almost Made It!

I got all the way through the second sock through to the heel, ready to start the leg part, and something went wrong. The working yarn end was on the wrong needle and I couldn't figure out how to join the round for anything, or get the working yarn back to the heel side. I didn't know how to frog back (rip out) or tink back (stitch by stitch) with two circulars. I tried and tried for  an hour to do that, to see if I could get the sock back to where I had just finished up the heel, and I couldn't. There's nobody here where we are staying that could help me, so I ripped out the whole darn sock and then cried. Not just over a silly sock, but because a bunch of things had gone wrong earlier in the day and it was just kind of the thing that put me over the edge. I don't feel as sharp mentally as I used to, and not being able to figure out what I did wrong on some router issues with our computer earlier in the day, and then the sock, just made me so discouraged.

So, I went out for a long bike ride by myself, that helps me when I'm upset.  Eldy was baffled at my tears---why in the world was I upset over a sock? Women's tears and emotions baffle him. But he gave me a big hug, and off I went to try and clear my head and brain of this fog that seems to hang over me sometimes when I try to think about things and how to fix them. I rode for six miles and it really did help me calm down and relax and come back refreshed, ready to tackle that darn sock again! And I did start it again the same day, which was probably not the best decision, but for me, it's like falling off a horse, you gotta get back on and try again. Except if I fell off a horse, that would be it for me! Never again!

So back to the sock I went...and....TADA!!!! I did it! I finished the second sock! Never mind that the ribbing isn't quite the same length as the first ribbing on the first sock! I must have measured wrong or was so anxious to bind off, I didn't quite get the measurement right. The second sock has a little bit shorter ribbing on it...SH-H-H-H! Don't tell my daughter! But I'll probably end up telling her anyway! I think the sox are a little loose, but they fit me ok...could be a little bit tighter, I think. I've started a second pair of sox to try a different yarn...

Our family reunion is coming up soon, like a matter of about five days, and I really need to get that knitted doll finished for my little cousin. It's been on the back burner all this week. Time to get it out and git 'er done! Three days to complete it, shouldn't be any problem....

No photos this week besides the sox except for one of a little girl I took while in the delightful town of Leavenworth, Washington. I know some people, if they follow my travel blog, have seen this photo or one very similar to it before, but I decided I wanted to put my favorite photo of the week on my craft blog and sort of spot light it. I want to have more photos of a general nature along with photos of whatever I'm crafting. I like this photo because she's wearing pink and green and the grass behind her sort of enhances her little outfit......don't you just love the little green shoes and the great big pink floppy hat?  Too sweet......

Until next week, see you then!

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