Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Down, One Left to Go!

Got my first sock done, and I'm happy, it fits! My daughter has the same size foot I do, so if all goes well, this pair of socks will fit her. I noticed that as I have started the second sock, even though I tried to match the color in the pathway of the skein to the same color as the first one, it's slightly different...oh, well! Not sure what I could do differently to make them EXACTLY the same, but that could be another sock method, doing two socks on two circulars--yikes! Not ready for that, yet! From what everybody says, once you get your first pair done, it's like an addiction--you start making LOTS of socks! I can see that happening, which is a good thing, because I have purchased lots of cool sock yarn.....

We have been busy this week visiting family, so this is a short post tonight...still working on my knitted doll, and hopefully, it will all get done before the family reunion on July 21st in Sedona, Arizona. See you next weekend!

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