Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to Dishcloths for Now

I gave away some of my dishcloths at the family reunion. One of my favorites, was the sailboat. So, of course, I had to make another one for myself! The sailboat is from a book called Baby Washcloths to Knit by Melissa BerglandBurnham.  I found another book on dishcloths on Annie's Attic, which I bought and then downloaded. It's called More Than a Dozen Dishcloths by Lisa Carnahan.

I know you can download LOTS of dishcloths on  and I have, I guess the colorful pictures of Lisa's dishcloths captured my eye more at the moment! It's like walking into a nice local yarn store and seeing all the wonderful skeins of beautiful hand dyed yarns and wanting to buy some of those as opposed to Red Heart yarn at the local Walmart!

No big projects at the moment..I knitted so much my left hand and wrist started bothering me so I backed off a bit. I'm a "thrower" and I know those knitting movements can be hard on your wrists and fingers....also used the steel needles for the dishcloths and that pressure against the wrists is not good. I may take a look at learning how to do Continental knitting, it's supposed to be less stressful on the lots of stuff in the motorhome I COULD do...a small punch needle sheep pattern that is designed to be a hot pad or possibly a chair stool pad, some cross stitch ornaments I started last year when we first went out on the road, and some other things.....the heat (in the nineties this week in Washington state on the eastern side)  is just bogging me down and I don't feel much like doing anything! My fingers are a little swollen, so the heat is affecting me that way, too....Guess I'm getting a little lazy in these hot temperatures!

My brother's wedding is this coming Saturday...I am looking forward to taking lots of wedding photos with our new Nikon 3100 SLR camera. I need to practice beforehand so that's something I can do this on the settings and take different types of shots....that's the ticket!  Until next week then......

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