Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elegant Earrings the Easy Way

Take a class! That's what I had to do to learn some basics in order to make earrings.  A lady named Linda Breitner, teaches some jewelry making classes at Florida Grande where we are staying, and she had an earring class today for 10.00. She has a website and a shop on Etsy.... That's Linda in the blue tee.  and www.jewelryby

She is a very patient teacher. For some reason, I had difficulty following some written directions, even with photos. So she patiently had me and a couple of others keep practicing with head pins and loose beads on how to turn the loops and wrap the wires. I was very inconsistent with my wrapping. First time I tried it, I did it perfectly! The second time I tried it, it was very uneven. But as I practiced, it seemed to get a little easier. I was surprised at how strong the head pin wire was, it was tough to bend with my fingers!

It was really fun! I came home with at least three pairs of earrings that I can honestly say I will wear! Here are two pairs that I made....It doesn't look that hard at all, but it's trickier than you think. There are tools that you need to master, and the positioning of them to make the wires do what you want them to do without breaking them.

I REALLY enjoyed the class today, and am looking forward to making some more jewelry with Linda!

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