Monday, January 16, 2012

Yarn Shop Ewe-nique Knits in Royal Oak, MI

While visiting my sister for her 70th birthday celebration, she told me about a yarn shop in Royal Oak, a nearby suburb close to where she lives.....It was a wonderful shop, full of gorgeous yarns and a room full of knitters and spinners....It was great!

It was called Ewe-nique Knits and it's on South Lafayette Avenue in Royal Oak, MI... Here's a link to their online website....
                                                                    Ewe-nique Knits

I met the owner and had a very nice conversation with her about knitting, spinning, and traveling full time in an RV........I would highly recommend this shop to anyone visiting in the Detroit area, Royal Oak is very close to the Detroit Zoo.....

Lyle and I had a great tune sharing ideas about crafting, beading while I was visiting her for the weekend. Not only has she made chain pulls for ceiling fans, but she is currently experimenting with key fobs...a longer, beaded key ring chain that you can let the bead part hang out of your purse a bit so you can grab your keys in a hurry, or at least find them more quickly. I love them!

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