Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scarves Galore and More.....

I've been working on frilly scarves...after making one up and showing it to the lady in the RV office at the park we are staying, she promptly bought one! I think I'll make a few more for our next park and see what happens. They are going to have a little craft show, and I'll bring some of my knitted stuff and we'll see if anybody else likes these scarves...They are all the rage in many parts of the popular, the yarn is out of stock everywhere I go...but I have a feeling this will be a passing fashion fad after awhile....Here's a red one I made...It took about three hours. The resulting knitted scarf twists as you make it, which makes the beautiful curly Q look, but then the tape/mesh yarn skein that you are knitting from twists into a tighter and tighter corkscrew as you go. I had to stop often and try to unwind it and relax it so I could knit some more of the about drove me nuts! I will have to figure out a way to keep the yarn from twisting so badly...

The yarn comes in many beautiful, variegated colors IF you can find it! I've got some ordered in blues, pinks, and beige...Some of the brands have a little "bling" in them, which would make for a dressier scarf. They are soft, and you can drape them in many flattering ways as they are quite long...I like them, can you tell? :-)

Next week is my sister's birthday...I have made a special present for her...She is celebrating her 70th birthday, a very special birthday, having survived breast cancer twice.  I'm flying in to help her celebrate with many friends and family. She is not wanting any gifts, bless her heart, but I made her something anyway! (So THERE, Sis! XXOO) In lieu of gifts, she is asking for donations to the Ferncare Free Clinic in Ferndale, MI, a VERY worthwhile charity, to which she donates many, many hours each week to help.  My sister is an inspiration to me! Here's the silk scarf I made for her, she likes it! I'll have to get a photo of her wearing it...Happy New Year to everyone!     Jeannie and Lyle

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  1. Someone asked me if I had a pattern...I'm sorry, I don't, but the pattern can be found on the "frilly scarf" or "ruffly scarf" and several yarn websites have the free pattern. I was taught how to make one in a local yarn store. It's very easy but you have to be patient about untwisting and opening out the yarn to knit with it.